Owner Registration Terms & Conditions

OWNER Agreement Statement

Rental Rules & Lease Requirements:
Rental guests are required to abide by rules and lease requirements for the OWNER vacation home in which they stay. OWNER Rules & Lease Requirements are provided by the OWNER and includes, but not limited to, rules and requirements of the OWNER rental vacation home along with specific guidelines for the OWNER rental vacation property, such as:  check-out/check-in procedures, check-out/check-in times, emergency numbers, exits, fire extinguisher location, fire alarms and their locations as well as  other important information regarding any “Specifics” of OWNER rental vacation home.

Security Deposit:   
OWNERS dictate Security Deposit Guidelines as EACH property is individually OWNED and OPERATED.

Guests and Guest Visitors:
OWNERS dictate Guests and Guest Visitor Guidelines as EACH property is individually OWNED and OPERATED.

OWNERS dictate Check-In Guidelines as EACH property is individually OWNED and OPERATED.

OWNERS dictate Check-Out Guidelines as EACH property is individually OWNED and OPERATED.
Family Friendly:
We maintain a family friendly atmosphere for the enjoyment of our guests, neighbors and lake owners.  Owners are responsible for same.

Age Requirements:
Guest(s) making reservations must be an adult of 25 years of age or older and will be held responsible for all other Guest(s) and Guest Visitors.  OWNERS are responsible for all Guest screening, rental applications, approvals and the like.

Courtesy to Neighbors:
OWNERS must relay to GUESTS to be respectful of your neighbors. DO NOT ENTER neighbor lawns, docks, parking areas, sidewalks and/or any aspect of adjoining property areas this also includes neighbor breaker walls and beach frontage and drive-ways!   Both parties need to agree on amicable arrangements by OWNER.
Quiet hours:
Must be observed between 9:00 P.M. and 9:00 A.M. Any guests who are disruptive will be asked to vacate the premises without refund and loss of deposit.

Courtesy to Vacation Home:
We ask that you have your GUEST comply with all laws and keep home & premises in a clean and SAFE manner. Please do not move or relocate any furniture. Property has an owner locked area. Tampering with locked and secured areas will result in loss of your security deposit. Garbage disposal do not put down bulk food items such as eggshells, potato peels, spaghetti, and the like. You MUST keep the plumbing free of toys and other foreign items and respect vacation home as you would your own home, being respectful and exercising utmost care of the property in order to minimize the potential for loss of damages.  Report all damages and problems immediately.  Guest will be responsible for all Guest caused damage.  We ask that you do not flush diapers or pads or bulk toilet tissue or paper towels or wipes and the like or other potentially clogging items down the toilets if plumber is required to repair, you will be charged!  OWNER must make guidelines CLEAR.
OWNERS dictate PET Guidelines as EACH property is individually OWNED and OPERATED.
OWNERS dictate Smoking Guidelines as EACH property is individually OWNED and OPERATED.
Campers, Motorhomes, Tents:
OWNERS dictate above Guidelines as EACH property is individually OWNED and OPERATED.

OWNERS dictate Parking Guidelines as EACH property is individually OWNED and OPERATED.
Property Condition:
OWNER is responsible for upkeep and maintenance of their property to be in good working order upon GUEST check/in.  GUEST is responsible to “leave home the way found home” and to report any non-operating appliances or items needing immediate repair to the OWNER.   Furthermore, OWNER will make every reasonable effort to promptly repair the maintenance service request. No refunds will be provided for non-operating appliances due to mechanical failure.
OWNERS dictate above Guidelines as EACH property is individually OWNED and OPERATED.  Sheriff calls result in immediate termination!

OWNER:                  Limitations of Remedies, Damages and Indemnity:
a) In the event of fire, eminent domain, delay in maintenance, or any other reason whatsoever affecting the Owner's access to the property.
b) Guest understands that there are inherent risks associated with any property, including risks associated with any special feature, such as a pool, spa tub, sauna, fireplace, propane grill, lake use, dock use, stair use, etc.
Guest represents and certifies that he/she is thoroughly familiar with how to properly use the rental property, including all special features included in and on the premises.
Guest will be responsible for use of the property by Guest’s visitors.
Guest agrees to indemnify and release the Owner from and against all liability or loss, should anyone be injured, including death, upon the premises during the term of this rental, resulting from any cause whatsoever.
Guest further agrees that Guest is responsible and liable for, and will pay upon request, any damages that occur to the property or any portion thereof due to Guest’s or his/her guest’s misuse or negligent use of the property or any portion thereof.
c) Guest shall not be entitled to any refund or security due to delay in check-in, early check-out, unfavorable weather, and temporary disruption of utility services, malfunctioning, missing, or dissatisfaction with equipment/appliances/furnishings or condition of property, construction and associated noise.
d) Guest agrees to hold Owner harmless of any liability for injury or damage to self resulting from accident, injury, or loss of enjoyment resulting from weather, inoperable appliances, or equipment including but not limited to spa tub or BBQ grill.
e) Guest is liable for replacement charges regarding lost key(s) and remote control(s).

OWNERS dictate Housekeeping Guidelines as EACH property is individually OWNED and OPERATED.
Guest(s) are encouraged to bring their own EXTRA swimming BEACH towels.

Spa/Soaking Tub:
OWNERS dictate Spa/Soaking Tub (as applicable) Guidelines as EACH property is individually OWNED and OPERATED.
NOTE:  Always Use at your own risk.
Sewer Systems:
DO NOT FLUSH anything other than toilet paper. No feminine products or baby wipes should be flushed at anytime. If it is found that feminine products or any product other than toilet paper have been flushed and clog the sewer system, you will be charged for damages and the total amount for repair of these plumbing services.

Weather:   No refunds will be given for storms or inclement weather.
Unforeseeable Circumstances:
Owner bears no responsibility in the event of loss of power due to weather, electric company outages, water company outages, inclement weather, or any circumstances beyond our control such as Acts of God.
NO REFUNDS or cancellations will be offered for any such circumstances.

What to Bring:
OWNER offers fully appointed and equipped gourmet kitchen with cutlery, flatware, dishware, glassware, coffee cups, dinner plates for the total number of Guests listed in the head/count.
OWNER home does have coffee maker, toaster, tea pot, mixing bowls, pots and pans, etc.  However, based on your cooking needs, you may want to bring a blender, large roasting pan or other specific family items you like to cook and use.
Granite Counter tops require cutting board use!

Guest(s) are encouraged to bring swimming towels, water toys and water shoes.
Please bring your own paper products, toilet paper, paper towels, Kleenex, Napkins, laundry-dish detergents, hand soaps, bath soaps, shampoos, firewood, matches, dish towels and garbage bags.

Excessive Cleaning:
OWNERS policy is not to charge for cleaning associated with “normal” use of the property.  However, loss of entire security if the amount of cleaning required is considered excessive.   Photo(s) will be documented and submitted.
“Leave Vacation Rental Home the Way you Found Home”

OWNERS dictate Telephone (as applicable) Guidelines as EACH property is individually OWNED and OPERATED.

Zebra Mussels:
Zebra Mussels are small shellfish that inhabit the Finger Lakes. They cluster together on rocks and immovable objects, and are quite sharp. Therefore, you will want to bring (or buy when you get here) water shoes for every member of your family.   OWNER must make Guidelines CLEAR.
First aid kits (band-aids) and the like must be provided by guest along w/mosquito creams, sun-blocks, etc.. as needed.  SAFETY First.

Lost & Found:
Owner is not responsible for items left in cottage.
Please double-check your OWNER Vacation Rental Home prior to departure for all of your personal items,  OWNER may return at OWNER discretion found items.
Check under beds, dresser drawers, wall outlets for chargers, bath door hooks, lawn & beach area(s).

   Your acceptance of the terms of this policy is a necessary step in advertising your Finger Lake Vacation rental home. Owner Calendars MUST be current as OPEN dates dictate BOOKING reservations.  Double-bookings will require owner to pay 10% penalty fee to FLV for cancallation of guest reservation double booked.  As an OWNER, I accept the responsibility of keeping my calendar CURRENT, if I chose to use my property for personal use, I will UPDATE my calendar immediately.  I understand that any OPEN dates are dates that can be BOOKED by potential guests.  I further understand and agree that if I decide, as the OWNER, to cancel a guest for any reason, after a confirmed booking, I, as the OWNER will pay FLV the 10% non-refundable guest booking fee.  

Accepts no responsibility for damages, liability, costs, maintenance, repairs, and the like regarding OWNER properties of vacation rentals.
NOTE:  EACH property is individually OWNED and OPERATED.


Owners agree to above Terms and Conditions